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Friends on southpark :P

Did them today, I bet you can do so many different varieties of each character :)

Rachel episode 1
Rachel dressed up
Rachel as Princess Leia

Monica fat in highschool
Monica getting fuzzy hair from the salty breeze in Barbados
Monica having a Dudley Moore haircut

Phoebe wearing maternity santa's clothes and playing the guitar
Phoebe on Halloween being Supergirl
Pheebs and her waitress sister Ursula

Chandler being like Oh my God, how do you  not fall down more (smoking)
ChanChanman in College
Chandler being left with Susie Moss' Panties

Joey starring as Dr. Draik Remoray wearing his unisex handbag and saying "How you doin?"
Joey "Wassuuup"
Joey as Christmas Superman

Ross ... "Hi"
Ross in College
Ross being tanned way too much and wearing either his "salmon" colored shirt or rachel's sweater :P

And also Ugly Naked Guy

Of course they're all having a cup of coffee :)
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